WOW! That is what I said when I saw the job that Ralph and Curth did on my carpet and tile today. These men worked so hard on my house, and it looks brand new. To be honest with you, I thought my tile was dark grey until Ralph and Curtis worked on it. Turns out, it is beige!
It is nice to meet two young men with a work ethic and a desire to do a great job. As a small business owner myself it is a rare find. I have made note of both of their names and will be sure to request them next time I call. I posted on my Facebook page and have already had a few people ask me who did it.
Thanks for running a great operation. Thanks to Ralph, the duct cleaners are coming tomorrow!

Customer: Susan Fatutta
Branch: Orlando
Crew: Ralph Casale & Curth Williams

2017-07-13T15:47:27+00:00 Raving Fans|0 Comments
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